Sometimes, bigger is better.

Baxters believe that when it comes to flavour, big is best. Life’s too short for wishy-washy, dreary or humdrum; every meal is a new opportunity for deliciousness, ready to be embraced.

Classic Tomato

Adding red peppers to our classic chutney make it the perfect accompaniment for bbqs, salads and sandwiches.

Fig, Date and
Balsamic Chutney

This mediterranean-inspired chutney is wonderful for a tapas-style supper, perfect with pecorino cheese, shaved slices of proscuitto, and warm chunks of ciabatta.

Sweet Chilli

The heat of red chillies is balanced with a delicious sweetness. A great way to enliven a stir fry or combine with cream cheese as a dip.

Caramelised Onion

The sweet caramelised onions compliment the rich balsamic vinegar in this classic family recipe. A tasty addition to any barbeque, or add to gravy for extra flavour!

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The Baxters Story

For four generations, the Baxter family have been producing some of the UK's finest soups, preserves, condiments, beetroot, chutneys and a wide range of other fine quality food products. Today, 147 years on, each recipe is carefully developed with the personal guidance of Audrey Baxter and our dedicated team of experienced chefs.

Inspired by the Baxter family’s passion for great tasting food, they work tirelessly and meticulously to create new products and ranges. The Baxter family continue to taste every recipe and no product leaves the kitchen until it meets the exacting standards of Audrey Baxter. Only then will she commit her signature of approval to the product.

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